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    Single Edged Reamers

    A high speed reaming system with internal coolant supply, INDEXH-REAM standard line covers reaming applications of 8-32 mm (.315-1.25") hole diameters.
    The indexable cutting insert has two cutting corners with 4 lead angle options and 3 rake angle variations, covering most workpiece material types. The INDEXH-REAM single indexable insert with carbide pads provides a combination of economical and high precision results on a very wide range of materials.

    • Economical system (2 cutting edges)
    • Wear compensation mechanism
    • Maximum precision
    • Designed to achieve IT5 tolerance
    • For extremely fine surface finish, roundness and cylindricity (due to the burnishing action caused by the tough guiding pads)
    • For high concentricity in interrupted applications (due to the smooth and continuous cut)
    • Relatively high reaming speeds (modern coating technology and strong substrate)
    • Effective chip evacuation
    • Optimally directed internal coolant supply, for long tool life

    INDEX H-Ream Application
    IINDEX H-Ream Technical Advantages

    - INDEX H-REAM for Through Hole Applications
    - INDEX H-REAM for Blind Hole Applications
    - INDEX H-REAM Inserts
    - INDEX H-REAM User Guide
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