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    Turning Tools for High Pressure Coolant

    High temperature alloys produce a very high temperature as they are being cut. By effectively removing the heat, the chips become less ductile and thus easier to break.

    Shorter chips are easily managed - they do not tangle around the workpiece or machine parts, so there is no need to stop the process frequently. Usually in conventional cooling the chip prevents the coolant from reaching the insert rake face in the cutting zone. The coolant stream of the JHP tools is directed precisely between the insert rake face and the flowing chip. This results in longer tool life and a much more reliable process.

    The use of high pressure coolant is growing as manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce cutting time, improve machining process reliability and achieve longer tool life.
    ISCAR’s new JHP tools provide all of these advantages.

    The coolant channels of the tools feature outlets very close to the cutting edges, thus gaining the following advantages:
    • Shorter machining time – The cutting speed can be increased by up to 200% when machining titanium and heat resistant alloys.
    • Longer tool life – tool life increases by up to 100% not only on titanium and heat resistant alloys, but also on stainless and alloy steels.
    • Improved chip control – even on the most ductile and problematic materials, small chips can be obtained.
    • Very effective cooling down of the cutting edge, which reduces sensitivity to heat fluctuations
    • Safer and more stable process
    • Enables higher cutting speeds (increasing productivity)

    JHP tools provide advantageous performance also when conventional pressure is applied.
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